An account is only required when using the SPN

Account Activation Guide

The Safing Privacy Network is currently in pre-alpha, with limited access for better testing. As the network becomes more stable, we will scale up accordingly and allow more users to join as well. Expect broader access in Q3 2021 .

First come, first served

The first to join our waiting list will be the first to gain SPN-access. Our Kickstarter backers (70) are already enqueued. You can easily join them:


Join the Waitlist

Finish any payment to automatically join the waiting list and secure your spot.

Cash payments are completed as soon as they arrive at our office.


Complete your Pre-Order

As soon as your payment goes through, you are part of the waitlist.

Further charges will only happen after you have been activated and your month/year ran out.


Wait for Activation

As soon as the SPN can handle more people, we will add more people to the network.

Stay up to date about the SPN status by following the GitHub status page subreddit. Expect broader access in Q3 2021 .